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We are dedicated to giving you the best insights about your customer’s intent to buy so that your sales team can make more sales. Everything you need to know about how Foureyes works and how to use it can be found here. If you don’t find what you are looking for contact support here.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Foureyes is an intelligent sales tool that drives successful sale actions. It helps your salespeople uncover and prioritize leads, connect with customers at the right time and get the upper hand to close the sale. Foureyes combines lead monitoring with advanced web analytics and Human Analysts to give you:
  • daily call lists of prospects showing real buying intent on your website
  • real time awareness of when a hot sales prospect returns to your website
  • complete visibility into online shopping behavior for customers on your website that call you, chat with you or fill out a form
  • clear, concise, time saving summaries of lead actions written by real humans
Foureyes also provides your dealership support to:
  • gain visibility into the direct impact of advertising on sales
  • recognize areas of weaknesses and strength in the sales process
  • identify missed leads and turn them into sales
Foureyes patent pending technology links the phone calls, browsing activity, and lead forms of individual shoppers together so that sales teams have a never before seen level of insight into their interests and intent to buy.
Foureyes supports IE 10 and up, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 7 and up.
Yes. All you need to do is ask. Foureyes can be added to any secondary desktop & mobile websites. Additional restrictions may apply for those participating in corporate co-op programs.
  1. Open up your browser to Foureyes
  2. Click on “No worries, click here to reset your password”
  3. Enter your email address and select submit
  4. Check inbox for email from Foureyes
  5. Click “Reset Password”
  6. Re-enter email address
  7. Enter new password and re-enter password to confirm
  8. Click reset to compete password reset
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